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Montana's Memory Day has arrived!

"A nature theme abounds, but it’s the striking closeness between Montana and New Mom that will stick with readers in this warm-blanket bedtime story."

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Montana’s Memory Day is available to purchase from your favorite indie bookstore (like mine, This House of Books, located in downtown Billings, MT), and online from the following retailers. (Note: If your indie bookstore doesn’t carry Montana’s Memory Day, yet--please ask them to order it for you, and them!)

"Montana" by Ben Tidwell

Ben is an actor, composer, singer, musician, and all-around super guy from Birmingham, Alabama. I attended many of his classical piano performances (when he was a teen). He has a BFA in musical theatre, and works professionally as an actor, musician, and vocalist. I commissioned him to write, compose, sing, play, and record a song for my virtual book launch that was held on the book's release date, 11-5-2021. Here's Ben's original song, "Montana," inspired by my debut children's picture book, Montana's Memory Day. His website is

Hi. I'm Sue.
I'm a kidlit creator in Billings, Montana.

That's me on the right, standing with Erika Wilson, the illustrator of my new children's book: Montana's Memory Day. It's a nature-themed foster/adoption story, set on a Montana farm in the middle of winter.

"Kids lose themselves in books, they find themselves there too."
--Lewis Keegan